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August 28th marks the return of Svederna with their new album 'Härd', consisting of ten blistering tracks of supreme black metal performed with their fierce blend of raw aggression and strong melodies. As always, the almighty riff is the main focal point, each one exceeded by the next one creating an overwhelming metal meltdown. The album title, translated to English as 'Hearth', symbolically stands for a sacred place where everything melts and only the truth remains.
'Härd' is a result of dedication and conviction taking the band and its music to new musical plains. While expanding deeper into the black metal foundation the band wields steep, unpredictable and spellbinding song arrangements with a mind-bending effect, locking the audience to the wall of sound.
To travel further into the land of 'Härd', album cover art and illustrations were created by visual artist Björn Underek Lidberg in close co-operation with Svederna.
'Härd' will be released on CD and digital format through Carnal Records and Sound Pollution Distribution / Sound Pollution Store, with a vinyl release planned later in the year.

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A gatefold vinyl version of Venenum Scorpionis, including an A2 sized poster of the magnificent front artwork by Daniele Valeriani, will be released on November 8th, when the wind of retribution whispers and the Night is as cold and clear as crystal. 

Pre-orders for the vinyl version of Venenum Scorpionis are hereby allowed.

Available on black, bronze and blood red vinyl. 



To the death's head true! 


New release! DOMGÅRD - Rót on CD and digital. Out June 14th. There will be a ltd. t-shirt as well.

Rót (Root) is the fourth full-length album of DOMGÅRD consisting of ten dynamic tracks
with a solid and powerful production reflecting the meaning and solidity of the album's title.
For its conceptual aspects give emphasis to the essence of what is beyond yet here.
The timeless essence which permeates all that is. The primeval essence of Ragnarøkkr.
The mysteries of the roots. Concealed yet striking.

Rót was recorded and mixed by the DOMGÅRD tribe in Djävulstemplet during 2017 and 2018. Mastered by Magnus Devo Andersson at Endarker Studio Sweden. Artwork by Johannes Nyström.

I. Vid Elden
II. Trollfader Djävulen
III. Bergelmirs Blod
IV. När Löven Faller, Faller Ni Alla
V. Sejdmannens Drömmar
VI. Rót
VII. Lokabrenna
VIII. Múspellsheimr
IX. Vígríðr
X. Ginreidh



Mardröm - Lead vocals
Vindkall - Guitars, synth & vocals
Hrimner - Drums & vocals
Askr - Bass

DOMGÅRD - Svartsejd (Split) CD (2009, Ginnung Productions)
DOMGÅRD - I Nifelhels Skygd CD (2010, Frostscald Records)
DOMGÅRD - Myrkviðr CD (2012, Frostscald Records)
DOMGÅRD - Ödelagt CD (2017, Carnal Records)
DOMGÅRD - Rót CD (2019, Carnal Records)


Out today!  Grafvitnir - Venenum Scorpionis Dig.CD

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And we also have the Grá - Väsen album out as MC



Grafvitnir - Venenum Scorpionis Dig.CD
Out 22 February

Eight fierce anthems to the Plutonian sphere, ferociously burning yet blood-freezingly cold and older than time.

Eight pernicious compositions twisting like snakes between dimensional boundaries, eager to lash out with venomous precision.

Eight auricular wormholes to where rapture reigns and time has ceased to be.
A tearing odyssey of hatred and melancholy coupled with the wrath and determination of spirits on fire.

Beware the death-dealing poison of the astral scorpions of the Netherworld and the insatiable hunger of the howling wolves of the eclipse.

A 38-minute long journey through thousand aspects of the dark and beyond.

Digpack CD with Cover artwork 'Chaosophia (Per Mors ad Liberatio)' by Daniele Valeriani

Wolf of the Eclipse (Track Premiere)


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WAN - Gammal är äldst dig.MCD. Out today
Location: Eskilstuna, Sweden
Genre: Black Metal
FFO: Bathory, Hellhammer, Celtic Frost, Darkthrone, Aura Noir, Nifelheim, Old, Bestial Mockery, etc.

Swedish black metal force WAN came on the scene as a triad of aggression in 2009 to glorify Satan, chaos and the mighty northern darkness. Their debut, Wolves of the North, promptly saw its release in 2010. In 2013, the stalwart offered their second attack, Enjoy the Filth, fetching a more no holds barred and uglier song-writing approach. Two years later, Wan appeared in a split release called “Necroholic” alongside their countrymen Styggelse and Icelandic mystics Curse.
WAN encountered lineup changes in the next two years, but that could not disintegrate the tenebrous mightiness of the Swede horde. WAN unleashed the third album, Wan Way to Hell, via Carnal Records at the dawn of 2017. This album marks a new era for WAN and it confirmed the sustainability of their raw-energy, which is ever flowing and ever dark.
WAN are currently stronger than ever as a four-headed beast and they are ready to channel violence through the forthcoming mini CD “Gammal är äldst” (English: Old is the Oldest). Anyone au fait with the ‘80s and early ‘90s Scandinavian black metal knows what the five tracks of this EP convey. Indeed, they conjure nothing but relentless slabs of caustic riffs, maliciously intended raucous snarls and holocaustic drum-assaults. “Gammal är äldst” comes on CD format this December 21 via CARNAL RECORDS.
To celebrate their glorious 10 years as a band, WAN will be embarking upon a European tour in May 2019 together with Nekrokraft and The Generations Army.
Treat your ears with the intensity of filthy ancient black metal.
Tsjud – Vocals
Isengrim – Guitars
Drægg – Drums
Skoll – Bass

1. Gammal är äldst
2. Out of Your league
3. Fistful of Metal
4. Strong as a Bear
5. Till maskarna slängd
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Grafvitnir – Keys to the Mysteries Beyond Gatefold LP (Release date 14/12)

Freezing cold Nordic Black Metal, dealing with such topics as dark Heathendom, Witchcraft and classic Luciferianism. An ornamental vinyl version of last year's masterpiece 'Keys to the Mysteries Beyond.

Gatefold LP ltd 500 (100 silver grey, 200 gold, 200 black) EUR 18 + postage

Grafvitnir bundle. LP and shirt EUR 30. The shirt layouts is the “Keys to the Mysteries Beyond” or “Hexennacht”. Please state layout and size with your order. This bundle must be ordered before 14/12.


Grá – Helfärd 12” EP (Release date 30/11)

Re release of Grá –Helfärd from 2010. The cover art is the original photo used for the first press but in full colour. 

Also included is an exclusive poster (A3 size).

This release is limited to 300 hand numbered copies.


Grá - Väsen LP

We are taking pre orders now and the vinyl will be released September 28th

Vinyl comes with printed inner sleeve, digital download code and is limited in 500 copies (200 red and 300 black)


Keys to the Mysteries Beyond - Bronze Edition.

As if somehow coloured by last month's blood moon, the second pressing of 'Keys to the Mysteries Beyond' appears a little more crimson in appearance. Resembling the blood that forever moves the wheels of history and the fire burning within us.

And a new Grafvitnir t-shirt planed as well. Pre order now





GRÁ "Väsen" OUT NOW!!!

Now available for streaming and purchase from the links below.
If you want to buy your copy straight from us, send a PM to this page.

"Väsen" CD 130SEK/13,69€ e-mail your order.















Apple Music:




Google Play:…/music/album/Gr%C3%A1_V%C3%A4sen…








Svederna - Svedjeland released today on CD and digital. LP will follow next week.

Review by Lords Of Metal: "On ‘Svedjeland’ a whole lot of blood and bile is spit, because the screams of singer J. Holmberg carry such a hate and are so penetrating that even most diehard metal fans will pee in their pants."
Rating: 74/100

Review by Battle Helm Magazine: "Primitive and raw and with an attack that leaves no one standing. This is the good stuff."
Rating: 4/5



It's time to unveil the artwork and title for the new album.

The third Grá album is called "Väsen" and the cover art was made by Axel Torvenius, art director of Machine Games, recently most known for the Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus.














SVEDERNA signs with CARNAL RECORDS, second album ’SVEDJELAND’ due in winter 2018

Carnal Records announces the signing of Swedish black metal band Svederna to release their second full-length album ’Svedjeland’ on LP/CD in winter 2018. Recorded in the remote forests of their native Värmland in mid-winter, ’Svedjeland’ delivers fierce and relentless black metal with its feet firmly rooted in the heavy metal grounds. Svederna moves swiftly between distant forests and urban landscapes, always along its own path with a clear anti-establishment stance.
Svederna considers central Sweden to be its home, with its members residing both in the city and in the wilderness. Svederna formed in the summer of 2012 and immediately began work on their debut album 'Äntra' which was released in June 2013 on homemade cassette with distribution through Swedish black metal label Carnal Records, home of Craft, Arckanum etc.
Svederna will begin touring in 2018 and announces new live members Pär Stille (Stilla, Bergraven) on guitar and Simon Frödeberg (Verminous, Sgt. Carnage) on bass guitar.



Svederna - Svedjeland tracklist:
A1. Brända Jordens Taktik
A2. Moratorium
A3. Slokum
A4. Dö I Tid
B1. Kulor & Länder
B2. Evärdlig
B3. Hår Av Hin
B4. Knöl
Svederna members:
Anders Thunarf – drums, bass guitar, guitar
Erik Weinestedt – guitar, bass guitar
Jonatan Holmberg – vocals
Pär Stille – guitar (live)
Simon Frödeberg – bass guitar (live)

New track ’Moratorium’ can be streamed through the links below




We are proud to present the Grafvitnir - Keys to the Mysteries Beyond dig.CD
Along with the dig.CD we are also releasing a t-shirt. Place your orders now, just e-mail us:


"For those who like their black metal as cold as the northern winds, Keys to the Mysteries Beyond will be a winner."
  - Decibel

"Ten violent and malicious tracks. Keys to the Mysteries Beyond is an unrelenting and unforgiving release."
  - Cadaver Garden

"Hard-hitting, raw & bitterly cold filled blackened metal."
  - Games, Brrraaains & A Head-Banging Life

"Coldness and wickedness. The real black metal is this."
  - Long Live Rock N Roll

"If you are a fan of raw and melodic occult black metal, you should check out this album."
  - Occult Black Metal Zine



Check out the album here:


 Swedish Black Metal Legends DOMGÅRD to Release 'Ödelagt' December 1 on Carnal Records

Legendary Swedish Black Metal group DOMGÅRD are set to release their highly anticipated third album Ödelagt on Carnal Records. Five long years since the release of sophomore album Myrkviðr, the Gothenburg band has returned with 12 tracks of fierce Black Metal in the finest Swedish tradition with a thematic focus on the dark and enlightening aspects of Germanic mythology, magic and custom. 

The album's title track is streaming at

DOMGÅRD was founded in 1997 by Vindkall, Orm & Trollheim. The following years Ulv joined as a drummer and Illbrand as a vocalist. Some unofficial rehearsal demos were recorded. In 2000 three of four members were imprisoned for several years. Four years later Vindkall and Ulv recorded the demo Blodskald before Vindkall continued on his own until 2008 when the drummer Hrimner and the bass player Hraegelmir (Panphage) joined. In 2009 DOMGÅRD recorded five tracks for a split with Cursed 13 which was released on the winter solstice the same year. The following year Heljarmadr (Cursed 13, Grá, Dark Funeral) joined the trio and contributed on two fullength albums, I Nifelhels Skygd (2010) and Myrkviðr (2012). Askr joined as the new bass player in 2013 and Mardröm as a second guitarist in 2014. 

Track List:

1. Niþanvarþa
2. Svartdjupets Lockelse
3. Töckenhöljt
4. I Geirröds Hall
5. Aldar Røkkr
6. Kynjagaldr
7. Ödelagt
8. Lögr Óðreris - Urblodets Trollmakt
9. Grottkvinnans Hemlighet
10. Sejdmannens Förbannelse
11. Förgånget
12. Ødhe Vi

Vindkall - Guitars, synth & vocals
Mardröm - Guitars & vocals
Hrimner - Drums & vocals
Askr - Bass & vocals
DOMGÅRD - Svartsejd (2009, Ginnung Productions)
DOMGÅRD - I Nifelhels Skygd (2010, Frostscald Records)
DOMGÅRD - Myrkviðr (2012, Frostscald Records)
DOMGÅRD - Ödelagt (2017, Carnal Records)




New release

Legendary Helfärd EP from Grá will be released on dig.CD with bonus track 171117. 

Pre order your copy now.
















Release date 1/9 and we are taking pre orders now. Ltd. 300 black and 200 red.


















OMNIZIDE - NekroRegime LP are now available for pre-order. Release date 28/7

The LP have a bonus track and poster. Ltd. 300 black and 200 White.








































GRAFVITNIR Vinyl versions of Obeisance to a Witch Moon are now available for pre-order.
Release date is settled for 7/7.
















New CRAFT t-shirt.















MORDBRAND - Wilt CD released today. We are taking orders now and they will be sent out next week.














Grá artwork for the EP "Ramsvarta Tankar"













The EP will be released March 24 on CD.


WAN - Wan Way to Hell

The CD have been released now.












We are proud to present four new release today.










GRÀ - Helfärd

12" PIC.LP with instrumental bonus track named "The Passage

CURSED 13 - Into Ashes

Gatfold 7"EP ltd. 300

GRAFVITNIR - Obeisance to a Witch Moon dig.CD

Nine tracks of occult black metal. (LP to be released 2017)

OMNIZIDE - NekroRegime CD

10 songs of old school black/Death metal.

Send you orders now!


We are proud to announce two new vinyl release. Both to be released 161216

Grá - Helfärd PIC.LP CRLP022

Legendary EP released in 2010 now on PIC.LP, ltd 300

Tracks: Krämpor och Kval, A coin for Charon, Klagan och Längtan, Helfärd (att dö...), The Passage


Cursed 13 - Into Ashes 7"EP CREP025

Two new tracks from Cursed 13. Gatefold 7"EP ltd.300

Tracks: Into Ashes, Bleed for me.


We are taking pre-orders now for both releases.











Out now! GRAFVITNIR - Semen Serpentis on vinyl.

Finally out on gatfold LP. Three colour versions, gold (ltd.100), white (ltd.100) and black














































Svartsyn - Nightmarish Sleep merch out now

T-shirt SEK 150 and Hood SEK 320 + P&P

Hood ltd. 100 copies. Sizes S - XL





















Out now! Patronymicon - All Daggers Towards the Sky LP. ltd. 300.  Includes a cover of Bathory´s "Reaper"




SVARTSYN Nightmarish Sleep vinyl released today

This 12” MLP is ltd. to 300 copies and the first 100 is purple/oxblood red splatter

T-shirt and hood will be released soon.


WAN "Dig up the past" Gatefold DLP containing both WAN albums ("Wolves of the north" re-recorded).
Limited to 300 copies, first 100 on white vinyl.
Order your copy now.


New Release!



WAN - "Dig up the past"
Wan´s Enjoy the Filth AND Wolves of the North on the same album.
Over 25 blasphemous tracks from hell.
This DLP will be released October 2nd and are now up for pre order.
Wolves of the north is re-recorded for this vinyl.
Just real old school black metal terror!!!
Limited to 300 copies. First on 100 white vinyl. 









Released today! Omnizide - Nekromantik 10" EP. Onne new song on Youtube here.

And over 1300 items on discogs!


New release!

Omnizide - Nekromantik
4 brand new tracks from Omnizide.
This 10” EP will be released august 14th and are up for pre order now.
Tracks: Nekromantik, Lurking Death, Bloodsoaked, Ritual Penetration.
Limited to 300 hand numbered copies. First 100 red/black haze vinyl.




New release! TOMHET - Tomhet 7"EP (CREP21)

Long awaited EP from this cult Swedish underground black metal band.

Ltd. 500 copies

Mastered by Joakim (CRAFT)

Releasedate: 2015-05-29

Preorders are taken now.

1. Djärve Häls Kval. 3:30
2. Nornskassmaður. 1:13
3. Kockatris Värulv. 4:09 


Spitælsker     Drums
Kumulonimbus     Vocals, Guitars

TOMHET was found by the guitarist, song/lyrikcarver and vocalist Kumulonimbus in Gesunda, Sweden (late) 1999/2000. He, among his first drummer K.K. in the year 2001/2002 produced the two early demo tapes “Tomhet” and “Strid”.
Soon after the release of “Strid” K.K.  leaved the band. Things went slow alone so Kumulonimbus recorded the demo tape “Brandbann´R” himself. Shortly after the demo was recorded, a label promised a deal to release an album and then John Torch was invited to handle the drums.
So when the "Eklipsens hord och karavan" album was recorded (april 2004) and the layout etc was done and ready to be released the deal failed due to many strange reasons and the contract dispursed. Later in 2006 Kumulonimbus met the present drummer Spitælsker.
Spitælsker and Kumulonimbus started to rehearse a lot and recorded the demo “Purpureargotamiceps” and the demo “Apokalypsimz Legend”. Both“Purpureargotamiceps” and“Apokalypsimz Legend” was self-released on tape in 2009.

Tomhet     Demo     2001     
Strid     Demo     2002     
Brandbann'r     Demo     2004     
Purpureargotamiceps Demo     2007
Apokalypsimz Legend Demo     2009
Fulländad Sfäraförintning i en Onaturliger Skepneskrud
av Pestilenta Djwr EP     2011
Samblade Sotkvæden Compilation     2013




Carnal Records is set to release “Nightmarish Sleep”, a four-track MCD from cult Swedish Black Metallers SVARTSYN  on the 19th December,  and has today debuted the title track which can be heard below and at

“Nightmarish Sleep”, which was mastered by the Clintworks Studio in Hamburg, Germany, and includes artwork by the illustrator Chadwick St John of Inkshadows, will be available in both CD and digital formats.  Track listing for “Nightmarish Sleep” as follows:

1, Split Tongue Dialogue
 2. Cursed be the Rivers
 3. Outside the Flesh
 4. Nightmarish Sleep

Formed in 1991 by Ornias the band was originally named CHALICE, changing its name to SVARTSYN in 1993.  With Draugen (ex-DARK FUNERAL) joining the lineup in 1996, SVARTSYN signed to Folter Records, for the release their debut full-length album “The True Legend”, the first of a total of eight full-length albums, the latest being 2013’s “Black Testament” on Agonia Records.  SVARTSYN quickly became a cult band on the Swedish Black Metal scene, playing traditional dark, grim Black Metal in a style that is fast,  brutal, sinister and  misanthropic.

Ornias does not mince his words when it comes to talking about his music in general and “Nightmarish Sleep” in particular, of which he says: “If you like your production to sound nice and clean you’d better stay the fuck away.  This is very dark, dirty and violent.  This is the result, at least in part, of a search for answers as to why I’m still here.  There is a reason why I still exist. …a nightmarish deep that takes you beyond the Black testament. These are the offerings and the hymns to the Dark Gods. This IS the nightmarish sleep”.

More information about SVARTSYN can be found on the band’s website at or on Facebook page at




The OMNIZIDE LP have been delivered today and all pre orders will be sent out this weekend. 



With a release date set for the 5th of December, Sweden’s Carnal Records have today revealed details of the upcoming album from Scandinavian Occult Black Metallers GRAFVITNIR.  The seven track album, entitled “Semen Serpentis”,  will be the band’s sophomore full-length release and a follow up to 2012′s “NâHásh“.  GRAFVITNIR themselves have chosen the 22nd November to debut the track “Where Time Has Ceased To Be” from “Semen Serpentis”,  because that is when the Moon is black in Scorpio.   “Where Time Has Ceased To Be” can be heard above and at

“Semen Serpentis” deals with the subject of the Serpentine bloodline, and  artwork and photography  for the album are by Occultum.  Track listing as follows:

1. Where Time has Ceased to Be
2. Descendants of the Serpent
3. Av Ormens Blod
4. Sword of the Damned
5. Poisonous Streams of Hraunn
6. Seed of Apep
7. Vilddjurets Återkomst

GRAFVITNIR was formed in the dark forests of Sweden in 2007 to perform Scandinavian Occult Black Metal and act as a herald for the Chaosophical Tradition of dark, forbidden fruits.  With a lineup that describes itself as The Faceless Emanations Of Primordial Chaos  and comprises Niantiel, Tishin and Modrius, it is not surprising that its members are all practitioners, adepts and occultists of the Luciferian Tradition.  Drawing its inspiration from  Occultism, GRAFVITNIR ‘s lyrics explore the subjects of Numerology, Astrology, Witchcraft, Transcendence and Luciferianism.

More information about GRAFVITNIR can be found on the band’s Facebook page at



OMNIZIDE - Death Metal Holocaust LP have been sent for pressing.

Out in 3-4 weeks. Preorders are taken now. EUR17+P&P

Ltd. 300, first 100 in black/White mix colors.




Back in stock CRAFT - Fuck the Universe CD




Out now Vanhelga t-shirt. EUR17




VANHELGA - Längtan Out today!!! E-mail your order



Carnal Records  have set the 8th of August as the date for the release of a limited edition splatter vinyl of “Längtan” , the third full-length album from Sweden’s VANHELGA.
Strictly limited to 300 copies, the vinyl edition of “Längtan” features  artwork by the Spanish artist Juanjo Castellano on the gatefold cover, whilst the thirteen-track disc itself comes in blue splatter and includes the bonus Burzum cover track ” Black Spell of Destruction”.

Advance orders are now being taken



Tracklisting as follows:

1. Svartsint ömhet
 2. Där evigheten inväntar mig
 3. Evig förändring
 4. Med mina andetag
 5. Joyless
 6. Låt snön falla
 7. Kärleksförklaring
 8. Vansinnesvardag
 9. Narkotisk uppgivenhet
 10. Eternal night
 11. Förbarma
 12. Exploderande känslostorm
 13. Black Spell of Destruction (Burzum Cover) Bonus Track

Formed in Linköping, Sweden, in 2001, and most frequently described as a DSBM band, it is not easy to pin down the exact genre in which to fit VANHELGA’s music.  The band’s name itself means “Profane”, and its musicians have found the perfect vehicle through which to express the dark and disturbing emotions that inhabit their, often twisted, minds.   The lineup of founder J. Ottosson, aka 145188 (ex-LIFELOVER (live session musician), ex-SKOGSTRON) on Bass, Guitars and Vocals, J. Gabrielson (ESKAPI, ex-LIVELOVER) on Vocals, J. Ejnarsson (TAKETH) and Wadström (ex-SKOGSTRON) on guitars and D. Franzén on drums, create a sound that whilst being as cold and sinister as their collective backgrounds and psyches would suggest, also has moments of melancholy, which led one reviewer to say of  “Längtan” “It’s not often that you can describe a black metal release as beautiful, but that’s exactly what Längtan, the latest offering from Sweden’s Vanhelga is.” The digipack edition of “Längtan” was released on Art of Propagnda earlier this year.

In October VANHELGA will be performing a series of shows in Germany alongside HARAKIRI FOR THE SKY and AGRYPNIE.  Routing as follows:

22 Oct:  Steinbruch Theater, Darmstadt
 24 Oct:  From Hell, Erfurt
 25 Oct:  K17, Berlin
 26 Oct:  Bambi Galore, Hamburg

The official video for the track ” Där Evigheten Inväntar Mig “, from VANHELGA’s 2014 full-length album  ” Längtan “,  can be seen below and at




Cursed 13 – Triumf gatefold LP

Release date 140509

Pre-orders are taken now!

SEK150 EUR17,50 + postage





Grafvitnir (Sweden) signs for Carnal records for a full length album to be released 2014.

Grafvitnir is a Luciferian Black Metal constellation from the dark woods of Sweden.
The band was formed in 2007 and consists of active practitioners, adepts and occultists within the Luciferian tradition.

The main purpose of the band is to act as heralds for the Chaosophical tradition of dark, forbidden truths.

Members: Niantiel, Tishin och Modrius (Grá, Cursed 13)

Samples of the sonic invocations can be found on Myspace:

NâHásh - Full-length 2012  
Vessels of Serpent Fire - Tape 2013




Some new tapes added to the list.
MANTAS - Winds of Change
SEK 40 EUR 4,70 Pro-made Hard rock
HELHEIM ‎– Av Norrøn Ætt
SEK50 EUR5,90 Pro-made Black
SEK40 EUR 4,70Pro-made Black

And more items added to discogs as well:


After some technical problems at the factory the Omnizide album will be delayed until next week.

All preorders will be sent out a.s.a.p.

If you have the possibility, make sure to attend at the release party.

/Bjorn, Carnal Records



Carnal Records are proud to announce the release of OMNIZIDE - Death Metal Holocaust CD.

Out January 31.

After the much celebrated EP Pleasure from Death it’s now time to unleash this demon to the world.

Mixed and mastered by Joakim from CRAFT

Vocals by NOX from CRAFT and music written by Anders from AVSKY.

Also includes the EP Pleasure from death


01. Rotting Flesh Parade

02. No Remorse

03. Monolith

04. The Eternally Damned

05. Crystals Of Death

08. Nuclear Strike

09. Pleasure From Death (taken from the EP Pleasure From Death)

10. Desecration Art (taken from the EP Pleasure From Death)

Preorders are taken now. EUR12 each + postage at

Check out one of the tracks here:




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We are moving our office this weekend. Replys on mails will be delayed a few days.



The OMNIZIDE - Death Metal Holocaust album will be the next Carnal Records release. Out this fall! Check it out here!


I morgon åker vi till skivmässan i Solna. Ses där! 


Our Discogs mailorder will be closed for about two weeks. Carnal are going to a couple of records fairs and we are also buying a large black / death CD (1400+) collection to be added soon.


Carnal Records are proud to announce two new CD releases. Out October 4th.

CURSED 13 – Triumf CD
WAN – Enjoy the Filth CD

Preorders are taken now. EUR12 each + postage.

Cursed 13 Gives us there first full length album after the much celebrated split with Domgård.

Wan unleashes 13 tracks of unholy black metal.